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Break Room Cookie Cake Scavengers Predict The Super Bowl

I decided to try a little social experiment. Everyone knows how putting food in the work break room is like feeding sharks. So we put a cookie cake in ours, and let it predict the winner for this years Super Bowl in Miami.

It's the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, in this years big game! The 9ers hoping to tie the Steelers with 6 rings, and the Chiefs making it back for the 1st time in 50 years. Let's just all be thankful we don't have to watch the Patriots again!

Most expert predictions say the Chiefs are favored to win. NFL.com has them as a 1.5 point favorite. We wanted to see how each team would fare in the work break room. I placed a cookie cake with each teams helmet in the break room, then watched the sharks go into a feeding frenzy. Whichever helmet got eatin first, was the loser of the game. The last helmet standing, is our prediction for Super Bowl LIV.

Here are the results!

Gametime is Sunday at 6:30p, so we'll see how our prediction works out.

P.S. I like Mahomes a lot so I'm rooting for the Chiefs, though I have no dog in the fight.

Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24

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