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Top Romantic Getaways For Valentine's In The U.S.

Couple on swing contemplating the mountains in a romantic view with heart shape.

Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Maryland all had small towns that landed on the best romantic getaways list. #ValentinesDay

Planning a weekend getaway to shower the one you love with romance for Valentine's Day? Maybe a quiet moment on the beach in Islamorada, Fl will do the trick.

Beach with palm trees, Florida Keys, Florida, USA

Or possibly, a mountain getaway for the romantic views of the Blue Ridge, GA would get you in the mood.

Scenic View Of Mountains Against Sky

Perhaps, a stop for some jazz music in New Orleans would get the flames burning in your relationship?

Late afternoon on Bourbon street,French Quarter

All of these spots landed in the Top 5 romantic destinations for a weekend getaway with your lover. 61% of Americans say they’ve gone on a vacation with their partner to try and reignite the romance and 60% say the trip saved their relationship (SWNS Digital). It could be good to getaway, especially with all the chaos of normal life with kids, and work and activities for the family.

Here are the Top 5 according to The lifestyle publication’s “30 Best Valentine’s Day Getaways in America” ranking:

1. Islamorada, Florida

2. Ellicott City, Maryland

3. Beaufort, North Carolina

4. Blue Ridge, Georgia

5. New Orleans

See the entire list of 30 cities here.

Do you have any secret spots you like to hit up for a little R&R and some quiet couple time?

(Pictures credit: GEtty Images)

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