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Having One Specific Thing On Your Desk Could Lower Your Stress At Work

Male coworkers discussing during meeting in office

New study has found that you can lower your anxiety and stress at work by putting this one simple thing on your desk? #HumpDaySurvey

Researchers wanted to see if there was any items or ways that workers could lower their stress levels, with all the deadlines and meetings they endure during a workday. They conducted an experiment on workers at an electric company in Japan to see if one certain thing had any effect on workers and found out it actually does! They saw lower pulse rates and lessened anxiety from most participants.

When people stared at this item for a few minutes it helped with the stress of work and having something to get their mind off of work, added to the lower anxiety.

Dr. Charles Hall, Ellison Chair of International Floriculture at Texas A&M University said, "latest of those that continue to point out that ____ are beneficial to humans." (Source: CNN)

Can you guess what it is? LISTEN TO AUDIO FOR ANSWER

Not all participants saw lower stress in the study though. They attributed an increase in anxiety for some whose plant died or some who saw the plant as somethine else they had to do at work, to keep it alive. That would be me! I can't keep a plant alive.

Do you have one on your desk?

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