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New Dating Site For Less Than Endowed Men Called "Dinky One"


Just when you think we've run out of new ideas.... Now men have an app for dating that are not so blessed, in crucial areas.

This new dating app is appropriately called "Dinky One.". The creator of the app is from Britain where the avg. size is only 5", so it's his goal to help "normalize" men who some would say have a small apparatus to work with. Some women are into..... I guess. The app launched with 27,762 users. 71% men, 27% women, and 2% transgender. A spokesperson said: “Body image is generally within your control but penis size is not, unless you undergo surgery."

I am shocked so many men where quick to suck up their pride and join this one. I'd guess most drive really loud, massive trucks and constantly have to discuss "that chic I hooked up with", every time their in the presence of their buddies. Trust me.... I know a few guys like that. It's pretty obvious they are overcompensating for something. I'm gonna guess they won't be telling their boys about their new dating app though!

Even though the app eludes to sexual parts, there is no nudity or sexually explicit content on the app.

(Source: Daily Star )

Dinky One

(Image: Dinky One)

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