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No Sports, So This Broadcaster Is Giving Play-By-Play On Real Life

Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

It's a sad, sad life for sports broadcasters these days, so this man has started calling real life scenarios in parks and on the street. It's hilarious.

Nick Heath is an English Rugby commentator, podcaster and producer, but he's been a little lost recently on what to commentate, since all sports have been cancelled or postponed. Instead, he's taken his talents to local parks and street corners to cover mom's walking babies, dog walkers, kids playing soccer alone, and even races in crosswalks.

This is so EPIC! I'm no a sports broadcaster, but as a radio personality, I was wondering to myself what my fellow sports guys where doing these days. WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!

  1. "Leggings is gonna get there! And She does!"

2.The Intermanible wait.. for the bus

3."It's a brunette has not found a seat... disaster"

4.Baby stroller qualifying

5.Mundane dog walk

This guys has so many more. He's my new best friend! Follow him @NickHeathSport... so worth it!

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