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Yes... You Are Becoming Your Father

Photo by Hannah Nelson from Pexels

In your mid-30's, fall asleep with the game on, grunt or fart when you get off the couch? Sorry.. it's true.

According to a survey by Omaha Steaks of 2,000 people, the average age you become your Father is 37. 68% of people questioned too said they feel more like their Father every year.

Maybe it's because we're adopting similar traits and hobbies that our Father's loved. Grill-Master? Bet you use his recipes or grill tricks right? 37% of people do and about the same said they are handy around the house, cause Dad showed them how. I'd say I follow my Step-dad's smoking tips more than my real father, and as handy as my Dad is, I am Mr. break it or take way too long because I have to take it back apart 7 times before I get it right.

Though only 25% said that they fall asleep with the game on just like Dad, I'd guess the other 75% are lying. Another 1 in four said they grunt or make a noise every time they try to get up from the couch... sounding more like your Dad now? Guilty!

Guess we better start brushing up on all the killer "Dad Jokes" right now!

Here's are a few other things we pick up from dear ole Dad:

  • Take grilling very seriously 37%
  • Repair things instead of buy them new 35%
  • Get really into corny jokes 28%
  • Tell your kids to ask their mother 26%
  • Falling asleep on the couch with the game on 25%
  • Grunt when I get off the couch 25%
  • Mute commercials 22%
  • Love to mow the lawn 22%
  • Don’t like when people touch the thermostat 21%
  • Finish everyone else’s plate at a restaurant  18%

Yeah... I'm like 10/10 on those. How'd you fare?

If you're wondering what to get Dad this weekend. 71% of people said steak and beer is the perfect gift! Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!

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