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Woman Thinks Husband Got Chlamydia From Wearing A Mask In Facebook Debate

(Source: WIS 10 Facebook)

A South Carolina woman found out her Husband was more than likely cheating, while arguing against wearing masks on a news station's Facebook page.

The mask debate for some people gets pretty heated, mainly because people love to argue on Facebook. No one expects to find out their husband is probably cheating though, during the debate.

A woman named Cheryl responded to a users comment on a WIS 10 Facebook post about masks. One comment said, "If you are so worried.... just stay home or wear a mask. I wore one recently and now have an infection in my nose and on my face." That's a vaild argument, because experts have said they we end up touching our faces more and bacteria is then transferred more often.

Cheryl fired back "my husband had to where (not great at grammar) a mask on a business trip and now he has clamedia (sp?)." Is that some sort of disease you get from watching to much news?! "Cla-Media" I'm not sure that's how "Chlamydia" works Cheryl. Your husband is a horrible liar.

Other users were firing back at Cheryl to let her know she may want to ask him again about that business trip. User Harmony replied "Do you mean Chlamydia? The STD?......because it REALLY sounds like you're telling folks your husband cheated.. and told you it was from a mask"

It doesn't look like that's gonna turn out well for Cheryl's husband. Maybe she'll have some more free time for college grammar/spelling courses.

Some internet sleuths even dropped by her page and noticed her status for relationship now says "divorced". Not sure if this awkward moment had anything to do with that, but I'd probably bet it didn't help.

CHERYL IS SINGLE Y'ALL!! Not everyone at once in her DM's,..... at least give her some time to get some antibiotics first!

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