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Hike In Nature Is Good For Your Health... Unless The Trail is Haunted

We took a fun hike near Buford Dam with my family, only to find out later from a neighbor, he thinks that trail is haunted... and he had pics!

Research shows that walking in or experiencing nature is great for mental and physical health. It's tough these days, with all the restrictions, to find activities the whole family can get out and do. We are fortunate to live near Buford Dam and several hiking trails around Lake Lanier. Nature experiences, boost your Vitamin D levels, reduces stress and improves mood, improves sleep quality and energy levels. (Hello Giggles)

It felt GREAT to get out and be with nature, find bugs and wildlife with the kids, and get some physical exercise. That was, until my neighbor told be about the legend of that trail being HAUNTED!

I shared several pictures of our hike on Instagram, through the Buford Dam trail right near our home. We found some frogs, saw a lizard or two, and even some fish. Plus, I got to teach the kids to skip some rocks across the water and get excited for God's art.

We've been on the trail a few times, and I'm always a little creeped out by odd things I find along the path. There is an 18th century metal washing machine thing that is randomly out there, about 3 miles into the trail. HOW? There is nothing around that area. It's all thick woods. Also, I found a broken tricycle from early the 1900's, all rusted out and randomly in the middle of the woods too.

The washing machine looks a lot like this one:

I've seen too many horror movies. That doesn't feel right.

We felt good about our hike, until a friend in our neighborhood texted me these photos he took from the same trail. He said "you know that's haunted right?" He seems to think he may have caught the ghost of a civil war soldier, while hiking with his dog. Check out the pics:

Do you see it? How bout in this pic?

Creepy right?

I went back through all my photos and didn't see anything odd, but it's a little crazy. I'm honestly not super creeped out by ghost stuff. I get really intrigued by it. Now, I'm gonna be more observant when we walk that trail.

Knowing that, however, makes the tricycle and washing machine even more odd. I have been told that if you walk off the trail, you can find old foundations for homes, that once where built in those woods. Like civil war era homes. Makes you wonder right?

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