Couple Busted For Naked Dog Walking

(Image by Donald Clark from Pixabay )

(Image by Donald Clark from Pixabay )

Forget a mask, it seems some just needed to be reminded to wear clothing in public... like this couple who was arrested in Massachusetts for walking their dog naked.

It's normal, at least in my neighborhood to see many of our neighbors taking a morning stroll and walking their dog, for exercise and fresh air. Generally, we send up a friendly wave and maybe a little chat. However, I think I'd be in shock and go Facebook live I saw them doing it NAKED!

Mariel Kinney and Kevin Pinto where doing exactly that in a Massachusetts neighborhood when police got called by baffled neighbors. Officers arriving on scene said Kinney and Pinto were completely nude, walking a medium-sized black dog down a local street. According to the Milford Daily News, the couple didn't want to answer questions and responded "incoherently", then took off running. Eventually, they where caught and cuffed. The dog was fine as well, and police said he was a "good boy", more than we can say for his parents.

The couple was charged with indecent exposure, assault and battery on a police officer (one was injured in the pursuit), disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. There's still on clear answer on why they where naked.

The dog exclaimed, "you think that was odd, imagine what I have to witness at home!"