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North Paulding H.S. Student Suspended For Sharing Viral Hallway Picture

UPDATE: The student's suspension was just lifted by the school!

That's not how I saw that going... The Paulding County Superintendent suspended a student and released a statement about the picture of a crowded hallway.

Paulding County Superintendent Brian Otott said, “Some individuals on social media are taking this photo and using it without context to criticize our school reopening efforts. Under the COVID-19 protocols we have adopted, class changes that look like this may happen, especially at a high school with more than 2,000 students.”

He released a statement defending the schools protocol and actions. He promised that they are following the guidelines by the state. "There is no question that the photo does not look good. I can understand if your first reaction was one of concern," Otott said in the letter to the community. (Source: WSB-2)

Otott claims, "wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way for them to enforce a mandate to wear them." Of course, many people have tweeted about them being able to enforce the short skirt rules and dress code, as well as, enforcing kids be to class on time and do their homework.

One twitter critic wrote, "Why does the system have two pages of “dress code” on it's website then? You can enforce no hoodies or holes in pants above the knee, but not masks?"

I know many people want to debate the mask rules and are violently oppose to wearing one, but I think we can all agree that our kids safety is top priority. If they can't mandate masks, there has to be a better way to stagger hallway passing periods or prevent this packed house effect, right?

Students where also told by the North Paulding officials that they will "face consequences" for posting about the school in a bad light.

WSB-2 confirmed that the student identified as "Hannah", who posted the viral pictures, has been suspended from school.

That's seems a bit callous to me. Maybe she was concerned for her health? She has every right to express herself about that.

I know this topic fires people up, but I have kids going back as well. I think we, as parents, should be able to trust in the school to keep our kids safe. It doesn't seem like the school was at all worried about the student's concern, but more about not "looking bad".

The Superintendent did say in the letter that the schools have shortened the week for in-person learning students, and they are working to find ways to adjust and adapt to the new learning model. So let's hope they come up with some safer ways for class transition.

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