Be A "Sexy Mail-In Ballot" For Halloween

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

$30 you can be one of the most controversial costumes of 2020... The Mail-In Ballot... the sexy version

Yandy costumes owed a few weeks ago that they wouldn't make a sexy coronavirus costume this year, though you'll see, it I'm sure! Instead they have a new line of "Sexy Political Election” costumes. They include a sexy USPS worker or maybe the sexy mail-in ballot itself. I wouldn't count on making it to the right destination, but at least you'll look good. Plus, you may have to deal with people trying to "manipulated your ballot box" all night.

The costume is a white tube dress that says "Official ballot enclosed,” along with "I Voted" stickers on the bust, “sexy headquarters address and black barcode.”

Either costume will just cost you $29.95 on the Yandy site.

I still think their "Sexy Tiger Queen" Costume is the best though. haha

In case you where wondering what I'm going to go as this year.... I think I want to keep with the theme of The Bull radio station, so this could work CLICK HERE