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Twitter Influencer Flew 2,000 Miles To Vote In AZ

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Adam Crigler said, "I feel like it would be hypocritical to be as critical as I am and not vote. So, it's absolutely imperative that I put my vote forward.."

Crigler lives in Maryland but couldn't get approved to register there. He found out he was still registered in Arizona where he lived previously, so he booked a flight on election day. The social influencer chronicled his journey on Twitter to do his civic duty.

"I was pissed," he wrote on Twitter. "I checked it out and turns out I am still registered to vote in Arizona. SO I JUST BOOKED A FLIGHT AND I LEAVE IN 2 HOURS." 

He wasn't gonna let anything ruin his chances of making his voice heard in 2020. And he even flew "American"!

Turns out his mother, who still lives in Tucson, was flying home on the same flight as well. He tweeted a photo with her on the plane too.

Crigler did get his vote in and it's a super close race for Arizona. Last check was only a difference of less than 80,000 votes. He tweeted, "In case there was any doubt. I will be voting for @realDonaldTrump" and even told the POTUS about his journey.

Regardless of how you voted, this is an awesome story of a good American. He didn't just take the lazy way out. He got out and found the way to exercise his right as an American and make his vote count. I like his statement about that as well, "Voting the greatest responsibility for every American"

(Source: Fox News)

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