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"Chicken Daddies" Calendar Is The Hot Item For 2022

The Comb Over

Photo: Getty Images

Keep track of life's important moments with the new "Chicken Daddies" calendar. Who wouldn't want harry, chunky men in daisy dukes holding a chicken on their wall?

A photographer in Southeast Portland, Danielle Brock had a crazy idea to combine the dad bod and the chicken for one EPIC 2022 calendar. Each month has a new featured model with belly out and short shorts or a dress. Danielle said she came up with the idea when she did a photo shoot with her husband as a joke, and then things took off. She found a desire for something that no one knew we needed.

This would look great in your office or kitchen right?!

I was a little upset that no one called me for this calendar... as a fellow Chicken Daddy. This was our beloved Dash the chicken.

Unfortunately ... Dash passed away at the hand of an angry racoon a few weeks ago.

BUT.. i've got a better idea. I can start my own "Doodle Daddies" calendar. GENIUS!

This is our Golden Doodle Charlee:

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