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Georgia Police Show Up To Murder Investigation, Only To Find Someone's Doll

Mannequin Parts

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Someone's Doll isn't gonna have a great Valentine's. Georgia police had a "body in the woods" call... but it was just someone's life size fun doll.

Jones County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a trail in the Hitchiti National Forest. A hiker had called in a "body in the woods" and said he believed it was female wearing white socks. That's when a full crime scene investigation rushed to the scene. In the Facebook post about the incident it said, "Deputy Matthew Dennis, who quickly recognized the body to actually be a life-sized doll, complete with accessories. Deputy Dennis located the model number (which was very concerning for me)."

Deputies where relieved to find out that it was a human body but someones... fun doll. They wrote, "The victim, now named Selena, is a little under the weather, but she has been having a nice day and is expected a make a full recovery. In all seriousness, thank God for small blessings in that this just turned out to be a case of littering. If you know Selena or are responsible for her whereabouts, rest assured no DNA was collected and you are safe. But in the future, please make sure to dispose of your items in a responsible way."

Awkward! Sad for "Selena" ... she's gonna have a pretty terrible Valentine's Day. It seems she's been replaced.

A few comments on the post where amusing:

"This makes me wonder if someone was practicing dumping a body to see what happened.... its kinda creepy... giving straight up Dexter Vibes..."

"That was a wife demanding her hubby dump his side piece for sure!"

"Not here for a long time we’re here for a good time!!"

CLICK to see the FB Post

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