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Neighbors Sign Is Making It Hard To Sell House

For Sale Arrow Sign On Ground

Photo: Getty Images

When homebuyers are looking for a house, they consider every detail. For many, it is the biggest purchase of their lives and they want to make sure they aren't making a mistake. That's what makes the sign one person created so effective.

That person, the next-door neighbor of a home that is currently being built, placed their announcement so that anyone looking at the house under construction could easily see it. It reads in large black letters, "Do not buy that house before talking to me," and there is an arrow pointing at the new construction.

A TikToker drove by the scene, filmed it, and shared it with the caption, "The neighborhood drama is getting spicy."

Millions of people have watched the clip and many of them are left wondering what it is the neighbors have to say.

One person wrote, "I can't decide if they are trying to save the potential buyer, or interview the potential buyer." Another stated, "The fact that they paid for a sign and welcomed random people to knock on their door is enough for me. Not all heroes wear capes." However someone else wonders what type of person the neighbors really are, writing, "That neighbor is either totally amazing or totally insufferable. No middle ground."

Well, the woman who filmed the original video actually went to find out - she visited the neighbors to get the lowdown. She said, "They are absolutely wonderful people. They are not a Karen," and explained, "They are really just trying to help people not purchase a really crappy home."

Apparently, the builder of the new house also flipped the neighbors' house, and the builder's allegedly shoddy work has cost the neighbors upwards of $100,000. The neighbors needed to get new plumbing, new electrical, new dry wall, and more. They claim the build site next door has been shut down multiple times due to code violations and that there had been three inches of standing water on the subfloor, which froze and then melted, ruining the subfloor.

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