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Atlanta Ranks As The 7th Worst Music City

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Georgia is a breeding ground for some of the biggest names in Country music, and Atlanta is a hub for some huge Hip-Hop stars... but ranks really bad as a "music city".

According to data by Clever, Atlanta has 17 career musicians per 1,000 residents and they only average $31.40/hour for income. On top of that, Atlanta also has an average of 3 music festivals within a 100-mile radius and only 1.4 small concert venues per capita.

Comparing cities Google Trends for music, Atlanta ranks 7% lower in searches for all music genres. This means that the people of the ATL aren't as interested in music festivals or music events. Or maybe there just aren't enough to keep them interested. Additionally, a monthly concert ticket from our bottom 10 cities eats up 3.1% of a concert-goer's annual income, versus the national average of 2.5%.

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As you'd expect, Nashville, Tennessee ranked at the top for overall the best "Music Cities". Nashville ranked at the top for the number of both full-time musicians per 100,000 residents (127) and intimate concert spaces per capita (6.7). Austin, Tx landed at #1 for best "Live Music Cities". Austin averaged five concert venues per capita, and nine music festivals, which is almost 2x more than the average U.S. city!

Where is your favorite city to go see live music?

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