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Former PM Gets Punched And Choked On Ukrainian Talk Show


Photo: Getty Images

It's not just the Russian invasion that's firing up tensions in Ukraine, it's their talk shows too.

Former Prime Minister Nestor Shufrych, a member of the pro-Russian Opposition Platform – For Life party, and journalist Yuriy Butusov appeared on the talk show Freedom. The discussion got heated and the journalist jumped over on top of Nestor and punched him several times, before holding him in a chokehold. "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!"

I have no clue what they are saying to each other, but I'd assume he just found out Nestor was sleeping with his girlfriend, who is also Nestor's first cousin.

The reporter in this news clip from Sky News had the same humor as me when he noticed the sign language interpreter still signing the entire fight in progress. Dedicated to her job!

The show resumed after the fight was broken up and no other incidents occurred.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are rising daily. UK prime minister Boris Johnson said that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be the biggest war in Europe since 1945. Russian troops have already been reported to be entering Ukraine, and it seems war is pending.

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