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Video: Russian Missile Hitting Building Right Next To Woman & Her Children

Russia has invaded Ukraine and sadly it's the innocent who will pay the toughest price. Thankfully this family was ok #ScaryVideo

A video is going viral from the middle of the war zone in Ukraine. It's a scary reality that many family woke up to today, as Russia decided to actively attack regions of the country. Watching this woman in terror, videoing the skies while she tries to protect her children really brings things into perspective.

Today, I was stressed to have to run around 4 different places while working to see my kids' activities, then do my job, then run home to watch my son's baseball scrimmage, and try to figure out dinner. This pales in comparison to what these parents are facing. They may not see tomorrow and all they can do is pray for safety as they watch missiles fly by.

Praying for that whole country and that we can resolve this conflict before it turns into something worldwide.

Below is a nursery that was destroyed this morning when a missile hit nearby.

God put your protective hand over these kids and families. Please heal this world of the evil we see daily and shine your grace through these scary times.


Photo: Getty Images

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