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Braves Players Talk About What It'll Be Like Without Freddie Freeman

Division Series - Milwaukee Brewers v Atlanta Braves - Game Three

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No announcement has been made about Freddie, but the writing seems to be on the wall with what Braves players are saying.

With the Braves acquisition yesterday of a new All-Star first baseman, it seems all but sure that Freddie Freeman's reign in Atlanta is done. Rumors of new teams talking to him come out every day. That latest was that the Red Sox are in the talks now to grab the World Champion, Golden Glove 1B.

Now, players are being asked about the loss of Freeman, and their reactions seem to concur that the loss of Freeman is inevitable.

Dansby Swanson told reporters, “Easiest thing to say is, number 5 should never be worn again.”

To follow that up, Travis D'Arnaud told Fox 5 that "it's part of the business" but that there was one thing he'd miss the most not having Freddie. He said he would miss eating ice cream with Freddie's son after the games.

Tyler Matzek also said that Freeman, "was a good leader, a good presence in the clubhouse. And obviously, he meant a lot to the city of Atlanta. He was a great human being, first off, and an even better baseball player."

Braves' David Carpenter tweeted about the loss of Freeman too saying, "Wherever @FreddieFreeman5 ends up, the organization, the team and it’s fan base will be made better not only because of the player but the PERSON they are getting. Truly a sad day for Braves Country"

Justin Tuscano talked about what this new acquisition and loss of Freeman mean for the future of the Braves. He believes that this could be the beginning of another World Series run. He says, "this is a team with a lot of young talent.... but if they knew they weren't going to resign Freddie Freeman, this was the best backup plan. It is a great deal for the A's but it is a great deal for the Braves too."

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