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'Smoking Cockroach' Is New York's New Mascot

Cockroach head portrait

Photo: Getty Images

Times are tough... even for the vermin of New York City. One cockroach has become a viral sensation, just trying to have a smoke in peace.

A pizza rat had the internet in a frenzy last week from New York. Now a cockroach has taken center stage when someone caught it sneak a smoke in a back alley.

The video uploaded to Instagram was captioned, “Roach just trying to have a smoke in peace,” by @WhatisNewYork.

The creepy-crawly roach is seen dragging a cigarette butt down an alley, probably just taking a little break from all his hard work for the day.

As always, the comments section never disappoints!

Comments like:

"How did you find this video of my ex"

"How dare he! He’s not 25 feet from the entrance 🧐😀"

"It’s one of the roaches from Men in Black 😂"

"Some would say a roach with a roach"

This squirrel knows the deal:

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