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Graduating Classes In One School District Have 35 Sets Of Twins

Portrait of two friends graduating from school

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It's like an old #doublemint commercial in Texas School district with 35 sets of twins all getting their diploma on 2022.

This has to be some sort of record in the Mansfield Independent School District in Texas. Several high school grad audiences are seeing double... over and over again.

"We all have a connection, because we've all gone through life with another person by our side," Avery slimak revealed. "It was really cool to all be together in one place." She graduated with her sister/twin Keaton.

Anthony and Angela Morka, both seniors at Lake Ridge High School are another set of brother and sister twins that is part of the class of 2022. They are both headed to different college 1,700 miles apart. “Being so far away from each other will definitely be an adjustment,” Roberson told TODAY. “But I know they’ll be on the phone. They will be cheering each other on just like always."

Shockingly... even this doesn't come close to the Guinness World Record for high school twins in a school district. New Trier High School in Illinois owns the Guinness World Record from 2018. They had 44 sets of twins and one set of triplets in their sophomore class.

Congrats to all of the graduating class of 2022!

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