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Man With The World's Strongest Middle Finger Can Lift 285lbs

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This could come in really handy in traffic on the interstate!

Steve Keeler, 48, from the UK can deadlift 258lbs with on finger.... THE FINGER. Keeler has the strongest middle finger in the world and proved it by breaking a record of 285 pounds for eight seconds with his middle finger.

“It’s such a random record, but it is mine. It’s just something I thought I’d have a bit of fun with and nothing to take too seriously,” Keeler told South West News Service. “I was delighted to find out I had won. It was a lockdown project,

Keeler said that he first got the idea while lifting during COVID lockdowns. He tried lifting weights with just one finger and was pretty good at it. After looking up the record, he noticed that he was only about 10lbs away from breaking the record.

After a little bit of training for it, he was able to beat it by 17 lbs. "It’s incredibly painful — but my fingers are strong, and I am proud of my lift,” Keeler said.

He's a trained martial artists and credits that for his ability to withstand the pain and have "really strong hands".

He accomplished the record with a 22 pound weight stacked with one 44 pound weight and three measuring a little over 55 pounds each. He capped off the stack with one weighing about 57 pounds.


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