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Man "Chewed Up And Spit Out" By Great White Shark And Has Shirt To Prove It


Photo: Getty Images

This may be the chillest guy who has ever been attacked by a shark and lived to tell the story.

Steve Bruemmer was enjoying a peaceful and beautiful California day off the coast of Lovers Point Beach when his life changed forever. He became apart of a horrific food chain in a Great White sharks jaws.

"It grabbed me and pulled me up and then dove me down in the water and then, of course, it spit me out,” the 62-year-old told local KSBW News.

Bruemmer told the story in a really calm manner as he lay in the hospital recovering from a "ferocious" shark bite to his thighs and abdomen. Had it been a limb of his legs only, he probably would've bled out much faster. His center mass was strong enough that the shark couldn't bite him in half so it let him loose in the water after breaching and then diving down with him in tow.

“It was looking at me, right next to me,” he told the news outlet. “I thought it could bite me again so I pushed it with my hand and I kicked at it with my foot and it left.”


Doctors said he was extremely lucky to be alive. One millimeter bite difference he would've bled out immediately. A nurse, Amy Johns, and police officer, Paul Banty, on the beach at the time swam out with paddle boards to his rescue. He credits them for saving his life. Not to mention the doctors and 2 ICU nurses back on the beach, as well.

Bruemmer left the hospital to a standing ovation from doctors and hospital staff because of the miracle that he was.

The shirt he has on "Shark Attack Survivor" was the best. If you don't get a shirt to prove it... was any of it really worth it?!

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