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Iconic ATL Restaurant With “Eggplant Baby Club" Inducing Labor Closing

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Scalini’s in Smyrna, GA became the must hit spot for women wanting to induce labor with a special meal. Now, the 40-year iconic eatery is closing its doors.

Know for it's eggplant parmigiana that, by folk lore, sped up labor, Scalini’s had created what they called the “Eggplant Baby Club" over it's several decades serving Smyrna. The Italian eatery that has become legend, wrote a thank you to patrons on it's Facebook page to announce it's closing. “Thanks again for allowing us to stay in Smyrna for such a long time and we hope you find us at Provino’s."

They gave no real reason for the closure but it has many local residents upset. This was a staple for the area, and a must try place to eat.

No worries though "soon-to-be Mom's" you can still get the World Famous dish you crave at the end.

Scalini's promised, "If you get hungry for our world famous salad and garlic rolls, they are served by our sister restaurants, Provino's Italian Restaurants. Provino's will honor your Scalini's gift certificates. Visit the website, provinos.com for locations and hours of the seven locations of Provino's. Provino's serves the famous eggplant parmigiana that has been served to expectant mother's at Scalini's for decades in hopes of speeding up the delivery process."

Best wishes to the family behind this great restaurant! Thanks for the memories.

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