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Video: NY Man Wrestles 5Ft Shark On Beach

Tiger shark at Tigerbeach, Bahamas

Photo: Getty Images

When your enjoying a day out fishing, shark wrestling is probably the furthest thing on your mind. This man had to do it on a NY beach.

A video going viral is of a man on Smith Point Beach on Fire Island, known for some recent shark attacks on humans. Eyewitness Emily Murray is who shared the video that she caught while walking along and catching the chaotic moment.

The man is seen pulling the shark from the water by it's tail, while it battles for it's life to get back in the ocean. At one point, he starts pulling on the fishing line to pull the shark back and finally getting it onto the sand. He then attempts to wrestle it still so he can get the hook and line out of it's mouth.

I think I would've cut the line and let it go about it's way. That's SUPER dangerous.

Further investigation showed that the shark appeared to be a non-aggressive sand tiger shark. They aren't known to attack humans unless provoked.... you know like wrestling it on a beach.

The beach wasn't closed down for sharks, according to what Murray told the NY Post. She said, “I feel like we’ve all gotten used to it [shark sightings].”

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