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Braves "Blooper" Demolishes A Couple PeeWee Football Players On The Field

The Braves mascot is trending for a hilarious video of him pummeling PeeWee Football players, but some parents are angry about it.

At the recent Falcons game in Atlanta, Braves mascot Blooper played with other mascots in a pick-up peewee football game against a local squad. During the halftime entertainment on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Atlanta legend decided to show the kids his running back skills with full force.

Blooper stiff-armed three kids during a 25 yard touchdown run. The while on defense, Blooper went in for the linebacker stunt and ripped through the offensive line to put a massive sack on the QB. He then pounded his chest in victory over the pre-teens.

Though it was all in good fun, and super funny, some parents didn't agree. The comments section was in flames with comments like, "This is disgusting. Those are children for Christ's sake". Or another parents wrote, "Soooo...adults in costumes are abusing little kids and it's suppose to be....funny? Where am I missing the comedy?"

Calm down Karen's. No one got hurt and these boys signed up to play FOOTBALL. He was just having a little fun with them and making it entertaining. It's a pretty soft costume at that and the kids are in pads. If you're so worried about your kid being hurt on a field, Football ain't for them..... maybe try dance.

This guy gets it:

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins - Game Three

Photo: Getty Images

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