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Country Star Justin Moore Says A Cat Inspired "With A Woman You Love"

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Moote, Kimmie & Otis talk with Country Star Justin Moore about touring at State Fairs, The Wildest thing he's eaten there, and who scared him on stage. Also, He discusses the cat situation that led to his soon-to-be 11th #1 hit song "With A Woman You Love".

Justin is currently out on his big "Country On It" in the U.S.. "We're on the back half of all the state fairs and festivals and then we'll close it out with more arena type stuff to end the year. It's been a good year. It's been a lot of fun," he told MKO.

Just like the rest of us, he love eating all the fried goodness at the State Fairs. He said, "I'm from the South so I'll eat anything fried." It's not just the crazy food though, the fairs bring some crazy fans too. Justin recalled a woman coming up on stage and before he knew it she was right behind him. "I just turn around an there's a woman standing there. I was like 'Oh hey! You scared the blank out of me!', he said.

His tourmate Granger Smith is a good friend of his and Justin called him, "just an inspiration as a human being." Granger was someone he knew he wanted on this tour from the conception. Granger is the host on "After Midnight" for iHeart radio too.

His newest single "With A Woman You Love" is top 5 and has Justin looking towards having his 11th #1 song. Amazingly, the song was somewhat created because of a cat. "She knows I dislike cats, and she just brought home a cat. There was no conversation about it. I'm like well, I guess I got a cat," he said. This lead him to writing the song about the compromises you make when you find the one you love. You'll do all the things you never thought you'd do in life.


Moore and his wife, Kate, just celebrated being together for 20 years. He said, "it'll be cool to look back and know that we got to celebrate with that particular song. (Listen to it below)

Learn a little more about Justin Moore. What's kind of Taco? Name for his truck? Funniest Thing his kid has said and more with the "Fast 5":

This is Justin Moore's latest single "With A Woman You Love.

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