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Austin's Bday Bash Brought People From Many Different States

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Photo: iHeart Atlanta/Otis Oshow

Austin Sosebee is a little boy with Autism and ADHD who just turned 9 and said that he just wanted "to have fun" for his birthday, so Moote, Kimmie, & Otis threw him a big bash.

Austin has trouble making friends but is a good and happy kid. He deserves, like any kid, to know that he matters and is loved by the world around him. “He is a little discouraged that people don’t think of him. He is autistic and doesn’t understand,” said Aunt Bri. She continued, ”People tend to bully him at school, no one wants to show up to any of his events. Every kid deserves to be loved and he deserves to have friends show up.”

This was the story that sparked a big community effort throw Austin one crazy party in Cumming, GA. Moote, Kimmie and Otis got the word out and so many amazing businesses jumped in to make it an amazing day to celebrate inclusion for special needs and love from his community. Local Church in Cumming gave us the perfect location. Celebrations By The Yard put up an awesome sign Decorations and Balloons came from Party City Cumming, a mobile DJ with JAMMIN DJ's, a Obstacle Bounce & Cotton Candy from BetterMoonWalks.com, Water slide from Astro Jump Atlanta, Cake from Black Horse Bakery & Bounce Slide from Madhouse Bounce LLC, Also, Police, SWAT, and K-9 from Forsyth County Sherriff's Office, Chuck E. Cheese himself brought pizza and danceed with all the kids. Kulture City and the Hawks hooked him up with some gear. Chic-Fil-A in Dawsonville threw in the drinks for the party, True Loo donated porta-potties, and Just in Time DJ's brought out the 360 camera to make some awesome memories.

We couldn't have made this amazing day happen without so many amazing businesses and community members. THANK YOU!

Even up-and-coming country Artist Faith Schueler came to sing for Austin's party. She covered some big country hits like Lee Brice "Rumor" and sang her newest single "Another Heartbreak". Austin has a big love for music and told her after "I love your music. It's great!".

Austin had a smile on his face the entire time and was surprised every time he turned around. Hundreds of people from all over came to celebrate and show love to him. Families from South Carolina, Alabama and all over Georgia came to dance, eat pizza, have cake and enjoy the day. Even more sent cards and gifts. Austin's mother said "over 15,000 cards were sent to Austin. My fingers are paper cut from opening them all." This kid was absolutely shown love in a major way.

One man who heard the story in South Carolina, said he was in tears when her heard the story and knew he had to be here. Having heard Austin really wanted a dirt bike for his birthday. That's what Robert built and brought to him with a Spider man helmet and all!

iHeart Moote, Kimmie, Otis & Austin

Photo: iHeart Atlanta, MKO

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