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Wild Videos From Hurricane Ian Making Landfall in FLA As A Category 4

SARASOTA: Hurricane Ian Slams Into West Coast Of Florida

Photo: Getty Images

Hurricane Ian hit land in the U.S. around 3p today and it's already caused major flooding and destruction.

The national weather services has been tracking Hurricane Ian for almost a week now and cautioning people in Florida that it was a storm of historic proportions. The storm is just narrowly shy of being upgraded to a Cat 5 with 150-mph winds with gusts up to 190 mph. That is mind-blowing to consider being caught in and epically dangerous.

Fort Myers was riddled with cars and buildings floating down the street as Ian made its way inland and major flooding occurred this afternoon. Videos of the destructive nature of Ian are hitting social media by the minute.

Here is another shot from a helicopter over Fort Meyers Beach that shows everything under water.

Even the wildlife is struggling in the storm and someone caught a shark on land splashing around from the surges. #Sharknado

Everyone's favorite Jim Cantore gets pummeled by a flying tree branch while broadcast too.

It's important to practice safe weather reporting with a condom on the mic.

Even though the storm has turned toward the Carolina coast, WSB-2 has shared this information about how Georgia will be affected and when:

  • Georgia’s coast could see six foot storm surges and winds gusting to up to 40 mph.
  • Metro Atlanta likely to have three inches of rain with 35 mph wind gusts.
  • Georgia Friday and Saturday will see the most effects from the storm
  • In southeast Georgia, between 5 and 9 inches of rainfall is possible.

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