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Weed Coming To A Gas Station Near You Soon... Legally

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Major convenience store chain Circle K announced they signed a deal to bring weed to the gas station.

The global chain teamed up with Green Thumb Industries, one of the largest US cannabis producers, to retail marijuana at its Florida gasoline stores. 10 of the company’s 600 locations in FL will sell weed within the next year according to Green Thumb. Stand-alone dispensaries have been the only way consumers were able to get legal product in the US until now. This will is the first of it's kind deal and will change the landscape of how marijuana is distributed in America.

More are more states are legalizing weed every year. 5 more states this year have voting on the ballot this November.  ArkansasMarylandMissouriNorth Dakota and South Dakota all could be legal as of 2023. Many states only allow consumption with a pharmaceutical card, but others are fully legal for all.

Based on this news report from someone actually high as balls... I think we should have more news reports told to us strictly by someone under the influence. Hahaha

Could be pretty funny.

P.S. I'd guess you're not gonna get real good "dank" the same place you get sour patch kids and slurpies .... but at least it's a one stop shop!

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