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Atlanta Falcons Bet Lands Otis In a Patriotic Speedo To Clean Cars

Otis Washing Cars In Speedo

Photo: iHeart Atlanta/MKO

WARNING: This video of Otis (from Moote, Kimmie, & Otis) CAN'T BE UNSEEN

Every week, MKO bets on the NFL game of the week with the Atlanta Falcons, Otis is a Carolina Panthers fan so he bet them to win in the recent game. As if the Panther's season wasn't punishment enough for him... he had to pay off the worst Falcon's Bet punishment yet, by washing Kimmie's car in an American Flag speedo with and Eagle on the crotch. Seemed fitting on Election day anyway.

Originally, he was supposed to wash The Bosses car but she wasn't having any of that noise and told us no. So Kimmie's happily volunteered her SUV for Otis to make shine. What she didn't anticipate was which body parts Otis would use to scrub the car in his speedo.

Not sure what was most embarassing, all his co-workers coming out to observe him in all his glory... or all the construction workers who now have video evidence for their Twitter.

Don’t make bets on a radio show unless you want to pay it off and have it live forever on the internet

We apologize for any therapy or trauma you may need following the viewing of this video.

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