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CoffeeMate Offering $5K To Be Lazy This Thanksgiving

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You could earn $5K For Skipping The 5K and just going full on lazy by taking the CoffeMate Pledge

CoffeeMate want s you to be extra lazy this holiday. They're offering up $5,000 to skip the traditional road races that a lot of people like to do on Turkey Day. The contest is promising $5K to one lucky winner that promises to skip running a 5K race.The No-Run Pledge, just needs you to grab some extra stuffing, a soft pillow, some house shoes and not move a muscle. You can start entering on Monday, November 14th. They haven't really explained how they'll be making sure you didn't do any exercise but I'd assume most won't be lying about taking the day for a good lazy nap.

“Here at Coffee mate, we know better than anyone that the morning coffee routine is not only personal, it’s sacred. Every Thanksgiving, the infamous 5K run poses a potential disruption to that ritual,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Leader of the Creamer Business Unit. “As coffee’s perfect holiday mate, we’re encouraging people to slow down this year and savor Thanksgiving morning – a holiday where comfort is king. This pledge is a fun way to honor our fans’ individual coffee routines, whatever the perfect morning cup looks like to them.” 

Take the pledge HERE.

You going Lazy or putting in the extra work this holiday?

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