Wild Police Chase Through Alpharetta And Roswell

An Alpharetta police officer noticed this white Mercedes flying down GA 400 near Old Milton at over 100 mph around 2am this past Saturday morning, After trying to pull him over, the driver takes off and hits speeds of around 150 mph down into Sandy Springs. He then gets on to Highway 9, and heads north through Roswell, eventually going the wrong way on Highway 92.

The crazy chase finally ends when the officer and the suspect crash at an intersection on Crabapple Road in Roswell. They were both taken to hospital, and afterwards the driver was hauled to jail.

Props to the Alpharetta police officer who showed off his serious driving skills! I think I just took about 5 years off my life watching this video! Whew!

Paul Aaron

Paul Aaron

I’m an ATL native, lived in Georgia all my life, and I love country music! In fact I even played drums in a country/rock band back in college… You can guess how that went. So after chasing that neon rainbow and livin' that honkey-tonk dream I... Read more


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