Massive Sinkhole On I-285 Repaired

One the same day there were massive electrical transformer explosions in midtown, Atlanta infrastructure suffered another setback...

This time a massive sinkhole opened up on I-285 WB in South Fulton County. The entire interstate had to be shut down for hours, causing a traffic nightmare we've only seen since the I-85 bridge collapse juat a couple years ago.

Luckily this time repairs were much quicker, and I-285 is already back to it's normal white knuckle fear-packed commute we all know and love.

Paul Aaron

Paul Aaron

I’m an ATL native, lived in Georgia all my life, and I love country music! In fact I even played drums in a country/rock band back in college… You can guess how that went. So after chasing that neon rainbow and livin' that honkey-tonk dream I... Read more


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