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You Choose The News 2-7-17


Tennis Star Has To Go On Date With Fan After Patriots' Comeback

Apparently, the Patriots come from behind win had ripples throughout the entire sports world reaching as far as women’s tennis. That’s because female tennis star slash hottie Genie Bouchard was so confident in the Atlanta Falcons holding on to their 28-3 lead that she confidently sent out tweet saying, I knew Atlanta would win btw.” Thing about being a gorgeous star with a million followers is someone is bound to call you out on it. In this case a shrewd fella who goes by the handle TW1 who replied with the simple question.

@geniebouchard if patriots win we go on a date?

To which the overly confident Bouchard replied “sure.” Yeah the thing is her “sure” was based on her believing the Falcons were a sure thing. They weren’t and at one point, in the midst of the Patriots comeback the fan even tweeted Bouchard asking if she was getting nervous and Bouchard tweeted back:


Still, give Bouchard credit as—after the Patriots went on to win 34-28 in overtime—she sent back a tongue in cheek tweet asking:

So...where do you live?




Don’t feel too bad for the Atlanta Falcons. They may have lost the Super Bowl, but they each made a bonus of $53,000. Not bad for a day's work.

In case you were wondering, the Patriots got a bonus of $107,000. (



They say life begins at 30 ... but it really starts to heat up at 33.

According to researchers, who surveyed 1,000 women to celebrate the release of Bridget Jones’s Baby on DVD, that's the age when women finally start to get a grip on their sexuality – after fumbling around for most of their twenties.

The survey suggests a number of reasons for that late peak, including the benefits of experience and, believe it or not, the fact that career women and moms have less time for sex – making those sessions even more passionate than nightly romps.

They survey also found that women in their 30s were more confident and didn’t sweat the small stuff – both of which resulted in a better experience in bed. (Metro)


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