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You Choose The News 2-10-17


Judge’s Reaction To Woman In Court For Parking Two Seconds Too Soon

A woman known only as Sarah, ended up in court because she broke parking rules by arriving at a bay two seconds too soon. She parked in a bay at 9.59am and 58 seconds the problem was parking is not allowed in that area between 8am and 10am. Judge Frank Caprio from the Providence Municipal Court, told Sarah mockingly, ‘You violated the city ordinances.’ He added: ‘Our parking enforcement offices are second to none in the country.’ Sarah explained her actions by saying her car clock said 10am. Judge Caprio laughed the charge out of court in Rhode Island after hearing details of the case. (


What Working Moms Really Want for Valentine's Day

Way back before you had kids, Valentine’s Day might have been celebrated with champagne over a candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant. But for most working moms, Valentine’s Day looks a little different these days.

We’re all focused on making sure each of our kid’s classmates has a Valentine card and dealing with our little ones on a sugar high. It’s not that we wouldn’t like a little romance - but we’re tired and a nap sounds pretty good too. Here are some other things working moms would actually like on February 14th.

  • For husbands to suddenly find stained yoga pants, stubbly legs, and messy hair really attractive.
  • Silence.
  • A Facebook feed with no political rants or depressing news just happy images 
  • Wine - And more importantly a quiet, kid-free place to enjoy it.
  • Cleaning services - Seriously, who wouldn’t want the gift of not having to clean up for once.
  • Sleep - Even just a few hours to nap would do
  • Childcare - Time to do something without the kids for a change, even if it’s just to nap.

Source: Working Mother


Team Bus Driver Busted

Bummed about losing to St. Bonaventure Wednesday night, the St. Louis University men's basketball team was looking forward to getting on their bus and going home. Unfortunately, their bus was gone.

The Billikens walked out into the parking lot of the upstate New York university and couldn't find their team bus. Their driver was also nowhere to be found. They called police, who used GPS to track down the bus 40 miles away. They found the driver, too, and she was drunk.

Police arrested 56-year-old Linda Edmister for driving while intoxicated. They say her blood-alcohol content was five times the legal limit. The team eventually got another bus with a sober driver. (ESPN)


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