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You Choose The News 2-23-17


MLB Kills Intentional Walk

The intentional walk is dead -- or at least the practice of throwing four pitches high and outside of the strike zone. It was killed by Major League Baseball and the its players' association on Wednesday.

Under the new agreement between MLB and the union, managers will now be able to put a batter on base, with an intentional walk, with a signal from the dugout. The move is seen as a way of speeding up the pace of games, something that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has been pushing for.

Not everyone is too keen on the change. Toronto Blue Jays reliever Jason Grilli told USA Today, "Every once in a blue moon you get an intentional airmail and it could score a run. So you're taking away potential bloopers, or potentially the difference in a game. It happens, there are mental mistakes. This game is played by humans and there are human elements, whether it's a bad call by an umpire or a miscue by a player, there's no formulas for that." (USA Today)


Add This To Your Bedtime Routine For Great Sleep

If you’ve read all the tips and tricks to getting some much needed sleep, but you still don’t get it…. Pay attention. You’re answer may be right here.

New research by New York sleep experts suggests that taking a shower before bed helps you get to sleep and stay asleep. The trick, however, is in the timing.

The Weill Cornell Medical Center says the main trick is not too start too late, or you'll throw off your body's circadian rhythm. Doctors say the perfect time to take a night shower is 90-minutes before laying your head on your pillow.

That window of time gives your body a chance to cool down, which is what makes you sleepy. Oh, and if you like baths better, go for it. The affect is the same. Source: Time


Nursing Home Worker Accused Of Giving Lap Dance To 100-Year-Old Man

Brittany Fultz is facing charges of gross sexual imposition after she allegedly gave a lap dance to a 100-year-old man with dementia. The incident allegedly took place in December at The Commons of Providence, a senior living facility in Sandusky in Ohio. A fellow employee shot footage that shows clear evidence of elder abuse. The Brittany’s attorney says the lap dance was a prank meant to make the victim feel good. (Huffington Post)


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