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You Choose The News 2-24-17


Atlanta is the most robocalled city in the U.S., study says

Atlanta residents received more than 100 million robocalls just in January alone, according to a recent study by YouMail.

Two of Atlanta’s area codes are in the top 5 for being the most robocalled. 404 is #1 with nearly 50 million calls received and 678 came in fourth.

The best advice for avoiding robocalls is never, ever answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number calling! There is no way to stop getting called because these calls are being placed by criminal elements outside of the U.S. and they don’t care about our laws

One number to definitely avoid is 1-800-955-6600, YouMail said the top robocall comes from this number, which is a credit card debt-collection agency.  (WSBTV)



Rather than trying to find and discipline people who are drawing dirty pics and words on whiteboards, Michigan State University has decided to ban them altogether from dorm room doors.

The administrators said they made the move as an effort to cut down on the number of negative, anonymous messages left for students. (The Detroit News)


Couple Does Breakup Photoshoot

Harrison Bach and Jacqueline Martin dated for three years before breaking up a little over a year ago. The couple runs into each other every now and then and remains on good terms. They recently got the idea to do a quirky breakup photo shoot. They thought it would be ironic and funny. After the photos got tweeted by friends the photo shoot went viral and people are loving it. (buzzfeed)


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