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You Choose The News 2-28-17


Taco Truck Sells Food To Drivers Stuck In Traffic

A tanker truck overturned during morning rush hour traffic in Seattle leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers were caught in stand still traffic. A food truck was also caught in gridlock traffic and decided to start selling tacos to other stranded drivers. Tacos El Tajin opened up shop right there on the roadway, and the line to get tacos quickly formed. That is one way to make the best out of a traffic jam. 



Tiny Tweaks To Help You Live Longer

No one can predict the future, but recent research shows that telomeres - the protective end caps on our DNA - are good indicators of longevity. The shorter they are, the higher our risk of fatal cancer or cardiovascular disease, and dying younger. But there are things we can do to protect them - like taking care of emotional well-being and living healthfully.

These lifestyle changes can help you and your DNA feel younger, according to Elizabeth Blackburn, who won a Nobel Prize for her research on telomeres and her collaborator, health psychologist Elissa Epel.

Get your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes – Exercise can help fight inflammation and benefits telomeres, too. Research shows moderate cardio and high-intensity interval training are best, but the important thing is to get moving.

Kiss your partner goodbye – It’s good for your relationship, lowers stress levels and can help your kids, too. According to one study, kids who see their parents showing affection might have longer telomeres.

If you’re hungry post-workout, eat! – Just go for fuel, not a reward. So fruit or nuts instead of a muffin. Blackburn says someone with a waistline wider than her hips has a 40% higher risk for telomere shortening in the next five years.

Reframe your stress – Blackburn and Epel’s research shows that those who see a stressful task as a challenge instead of a threat had longer telomeres. So remind yourself, “I’ve got this.”

Get your omega-3 fatty acids – Have some salmon or tuna for dinner, they’re both rich in omega-3s and research has shown that the more of them you eat, the less your telomeres will decline.

Lights out – Go to bed earlier and turn off your devices to avoid sleep-disrupting blue light. Research shows a link between rejuvenating sleep and longer telomeres - but you need at least seven hours to get that.

Source: Oprah


Very Senior Citizen Gets To Live Her Dream Of Being Arrested

There's one badA senior citizen living in the Netherlands. In case you missed it, a 99-year-old woman only identified as Annie got to cross an item off her bucket list: getting arrested. 

According to local police, she wanted to experience "a police cell from within." Officers shared photos of the "arrest" on their Facebook and Annie looked like she was having a great time, even while being handcuffed. 

No word on what else this awesome old lady had on her bucket list. 



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