The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee


Shot of a young woman drinking a cup of coffee while looking out of a window

Most of us start the day like this: we wake up, check our phones and then have our coffee. And as much as we love our cup of buzzy brew first thing in the morning, a recent study finds getting your caffeine fix so early isn’t always the best idea.

According to researchers from Boston College, the ideal time to have your liquid energy is right when you feel like you need it most, instead of as soon as you wake up. So if you wake up ready to go but hit a wall at three in the afternoon, that should be when you go for coffee.

So why should we wait for our beloved cuppa joe? Because as far as caffeine is concerned, more isn’t really better. And if you’re a morning person who gets out of bed with tons of energy, or even if you actually got to bed at a decent hour and just got a whole seven hours of sleep, that cup of coffee won’t really give you an extra pep. But when the afternoon yawns kick in, your latte will give you the pick-me-up you need then.

Source: PureWow

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