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You Choose The News - 3-2-17


Crying Over TV Shows Is Actually Good For You

If you’re always getting teased by your nearest and dearest for getting too emotional when you’re watching all the drama, heartbreaks and misfortune on your favorite TV shows, ignore them. As it happens, it’s actually healthy for you to feel emotionally involved with the television characters you feel connected to.

Feeling attached to your fictional friends on “Grey’s Anatomy” has upsides like getting a boost in self-esteem, feeling less lonely, and even having a sense of belonging, according to psychology experts. And even though these aren’t real friendships, these relationships still have some of the same benefits.

"The interesting thing is that our brains aren't really built to distinguish between whether a relationship is real or fictional," explains Jennifer Barnes, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Oklahoma. "So these friendships can convey a lot of real-world benefits."

And the connection we feel with our TV show “friends” feels even more real because we spend so much time “together.” After spending an hour with this person every week for a whole season, Barnes says “they really do become sort of a friend - so it’s normal to feel upset over them” when something bad happens to that character.

So if you love crying over “This Is Us” - grab your tissues and let those tears roll, girl!

Source: Woman's Day



A Danish company has developed a “Fitbit”-style bracelet that allows men to feel what it’s like to be pregnant. Well, not really. But it does allow dad to know whenever the baby kicks in the womb.

Here’s how it works ... The pregnant woman wears a “kick monitoring” device on her stomach that sends signals to the bracelet, which contains four small beads that apparently mimic the baby’s movements by rotating and pressing on the wrist of the person wearing it. (Huffington Post)


PIZZA 911!

Remember when calling for a pizza delivery meant getting a hot pie ASAP? Well, now that will cost a little extra.

Papa John's just introduced a service called Papa Priority, which charges customers $2.99 to jump the line and get slightly quicker delivery. The upcharge doesn't guarantee faster delivery, just a promise to leap-frog other folks in line.

What's next ... a buck more for a luxury box? (New York Post)


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