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You Choose The News 3-6-17


Woman Silently Gets Officer's Attention During Carjacking

A husband and wife were driving on Campbellton Road when a man jumped in and ordered the woman to drive. The woman said the carjacker held a gun to her head while she drove for nearly an hour. She then spotted a police officer in a marked car out on patrol on Sandtown Road and she knew she had to get his attention.  She looked directly at Atlanta police captain Rick Mason and mouthed ‘help me’. Captain Mason said it took him a minute to realize what was happening but then the woman jumped out of the car and told the officer she was being carjacked. The carjacker the jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off.  He ended up crashing the car and breaking his leg. (wsbtv)


How Diamond Rings Became The Engagement Standard

When it comes time to sell your home there are a lot of things that will affect how quickly it goes and how much you’ll make, and apparently one of those things is when exactly you decide to put it up for sale.

According to a new report by Zillow, if you want to optimize your home selling outcome, your best bet is to list it between May 1st through 15th, because homes put on the market during that period tend to get snapped up nine days faster and for at least 1% more than the listing price. In fact, late spring, either April or May, is the best time to sell a house in 20 of the 25 largest metro areas in the country. 

And believe it or not, the day of the week that you list a house can also be a factor in how fast you sell and how much money you get. According to Zillow, listings that turn up on a Saturday get about 20% more views in the first week than those listed in the earlier part of the week. In addition, a listing that appears on a Friday will get 14% more views than those listed on a Monday.

Source: Yahoo Finance


You Can Now Glue Bows To Your Kid’s Head

These days when we hear someone got engaged, we expect to see a sparkly diamond on her left hand. But diamond rings weren’t always the symbol for promising to take that walk down the aisle together. It turns out, it all started back in the 1930s with the De Beers diamond cartel and a good marketing campaign.

De Beers controlled 60% of the diamond industry back then and as you can imagine, the Great Depression hit their business hard. So they had to revamp their plan to drive sales. That’s when they created the concept of a diamond engagement ring and convinced everyone they needed one. Before World War II, only 10% of engagement rings had diamonds, but by the end of the ‘90s, 80% of them did!

The people at De Beers even came up with that guideline about how many months’ salary to spend on an engagement ring. Way back then, the ads suggested men spend one month’s salary on a ring, but by the ‘80s, it had doubled to two months. So how much are people spending on engagement rings today? Well, it really depends on where you live and how much you make, as well as how much you want to invest in a ring. But despite what the diamond people want us to think, you can be in love forever, even without the diamond.



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