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You Choose The News 3-9-17


Utah To Become First State To Lower DUI Level To .05

A bill lowering the blood alcohol content level for DUI from .08 to .05 was just passed by the Utah State Legislature. It is now up to Republican Gov. Gary Herbert sign the bill and put it into effect.  If the bill is signed it would take effect Dec. 30, 2018. Gov. Herbert has supported the legislation and plans to sign the bill. According to the American Beverage Institute, the new b.a.c. would mean that a 150-pound man could get a DUI after two beers, while a 120-pound woman could get one after a single drink. Of course a number of factors, including how much food is in someone's stomach, could impact how much a drink will raise someone's blood-alcohol content. By lowering the blood-alcohol content to 0.05 percent Utah would have the strictest DUI threshold in the nation. (fox news)


Romo To Be Released Today

For the first time in over a decade, Tony Romo will be unemployed as all reports point to his release today. Now the only question is where will the free agent sign. And it appears we may be wondering for a while as it appears Romo is going to take his sweet time while he looks for the best deal. The teams in the running for Romo are the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos or Houston Texans. We will have to wait and see who wins the quarterback.



Today, March 9th, is National Get Over It Day. Whatever gripe, grudge, hurt, negative feeling, stress, or insecurity you have ... today is the day to “Get Over It!”... and, hopefully, move on. #NationalGetOverItDay


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