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You Choose The News 3-14-17


Retirees Are Knitting Sweaters For Chilly Chickens

A group of retirees are helping out New England's chilly chickens. A knitting club in suburban Boston are knitting sweaters for poultry that are not used to the cold weather.

"I don't think in my wildest dreams I ever thought anybody made sweaters for chickens," 76-year-old Barbara Widmayer explains. "There's so much going on these days that's kind of contentious in the world. It was actually very calming to me to work on this."

It seems like the chickens are digging their new threads. The sweaters are keeping the birds at an estate known as the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust warm and it's noticeably boosted egg production. 

  • Now, the knitting club is considering their next unusual project, which may be knitting blankets for elephants in India. "Probably not something we're going to do," organizer Nancy Kearns explains. "But you never know."

Source: Associated Press


Your Old Mascara Wands Can Help Rescued Animals

If you’re like most of us, your makeup is neglected and you probably don’t even know when you last cleaned it out. But if you need some incentive, a wildlife refuge in North Carolina is looking for donations of used mascara wands, so don’t throw yours away and let it help the animals instead!

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit that helps orphaned and injured wild animals in Western North Carolina. The organization is getting ready to open a new triage facility and they have an online wishlist of things they need, but they also want your used mascara wands - after they’ve been cleaned, of course.

So what are they using them for? Wildlife refuge worker Savannah Trantham explains that with those tight bristles, those old mascara wands are the perfect tool for brushing fly eggs and larva out of animal fur. Once you wash yours in hot, soapy water, mail them to:

Appalachian Wild

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland, NC 28776

Source: Scary Mommy


Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Got Commitment Tattoos Before Split

Just months before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt the former couple got tattoos together. The two reportedly got the new ink to solidify their bond as husband and a wife. Supposedly Angelina got three new tattoos on her back, while Brad chose to have a Buddhist symbol inked on the left side of his stomach.

Source: Huffington Post


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