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You Choose The News 3-15-17


What’s Not Attractive That the Opposite Sex Thinks You Find Attractive?

There are some universal characteristics that everyone finds attractive in the opposite sex. Things like confidence, a sense of humor, and good manners. But sometimes what we think the opposite sex finds attractive, they don’t find appealing at all!

AskReddit asked both men and women what the opposite sex thinks is attractive that actually isn’t to them: 

Men's Responses:

  • When women bad mouth their appearance
  • Playing hard to get
  • When women feel like they have to play dumb
  • Baby talk
  • Fake fingernails

Women's Responses:

  • Too much cologne
  • Talking smack about other guys – acting like a tough guy
  • Too much hair product
  • Axe Body Spray
  • Guys who brag


March 15th is Ides of March!

The Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to the 15th of March. It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The death of Caesar made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history. But that’s not the only infamous occurrence for this date, the folks at have a list – CLICK HERE to see it.


Woman's credit card stolen after cashier gave it to wrong customer

A Jacksonville woman went through the Hardees drive thru for food and ended up with her credit card stolen. She ordered her food and handed over her card to pay, but she never got it back. The cashier accidently gave her credit card to the customer in front of her. Before the mistake was realized the other customer drove off with the card. They then took the stolen credit card and spent $77.25 at a gas station, but by the time he tried to use it again at a Race Trac and a liquor store, the card was declined. They have yet to find the customer turned thief. (actionnewsjax)


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