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You Choose The News 3-27-17


Doctors Remove Mushrooms That Began Growing In Woman's Stomach

Make sure you chew your food...seriously. A 50-year-old woman went to a hospital in China complaining of stomach pain and discovered mushrooms she'd eaten had grown in her stomach.

It turns out if you don't cook and chew dehydrated mushrooms properly, they can expand once they come in to contact with stomach acid. Doctors discovered multiple fungi had become lodged in the woman's stomach, including a whole mushroom measuring almost an inch in length.

Surgeons removed the mushrooms piece by piece and the woman recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

Source: Daily Mail


How Long You Really Need To Use Beauty Products Before You’ll See Results

We love instant gratification and we expect it from our beauty products, but we’re often waiting and waiting, but not noticing any improvements. So when should we toss the bottle and give up? Here’s the low-down:

Shampoo - Expert stylist Dana Tizzio says to plan using it seven times before you can really tell how it works on your hair. Buildup and residue from products we’ve used before can make a difference, so be patient while your hair gets used to a new shampoo.

Hair masks - These leave your tresses softer and shinier after the first use! And if you use them once or twice a week instead of conditioner, your hair will keep getting healthier.

Acne treatments - Dermatologist Jordan Carqueville says it takes some time to treat legit acne, so expect four to 12 weeks of using a topical treatment before you see clearer skin. But if you’re just trying to banish one pimple, an OTC spot treatment will work in days.

Exfoliator - These get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface, so they make your complexion look better instantly. And the longer you use an exfoliator, the more radiant your skin will become over time.

Moisturizer - These are another quick fix, it just depends on what kind of ingredients are in it. One with humectants, like glycerine and hyaluronic acid, will draw water to the skin and plump and smooth skin. And a moisturizer with occlusive ingredients, like shea butter, locks in moisture within hours.

Retinoids - These anti-agers are made from vitamin A and are considered the “gold standard,” but it does take time to see results. Prescription versions will take from three to six months to see effects, and to see the complete anti-wrinkle benefits, it could take a year, but the results are worth it, so don’t give up.

Source: Shape


Jason Had A Sing-A-Long On Peachtree Street

Jason was listening to Beauty and The Beast with the top down on his car yesterday. When he pulled up to a red light two guys in the car next to him started singing along.


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