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You Choose The News -3-30-17



According to a new study, running a marathon is very likely to do damage to your kidneys.

Even with proper hydration, researchers found that about 40% of runners suffer big time kidney injuries after marathons.

It seems running 26.2 miles messes with your kidneys just as much as going through heart surgery or spending time in the intensive care unit.

So if you needed a reason to avoid running a marathon – other than the pain and boredom – remember your kidneys. (The Atlantic)


University Is Putting Pigeons On the Pill 

When it comes to battling a population issue, there is always one sure fire way. So, Texas Tech is putting pigeons on the pill.

The administration and students are doing battle with an overpopulation of pigeons on campus. To combat the aerial assault and the waste that's left behind, a doctoral student has devised giving pigeons birth control called Ovo.

The pill will be mixed in with cracked corn and put in feeders. The birds won't know the drug will stop their eggs from fertilizing. University officials are not expecting an immediate effect, but it's hoped the project will reduce the pigeon population over time.

The effort may also help other colleges and even towns handle the expensive problem. It costs Texas Tech close to 200-thousand dollars a year to clean waste and handle the situation. Well, Fordham University in New York is experiencing the same things, so they are joining forces to collaborate on the project.

And no, the pills won’t affect the male birds. Source: KCBD


Man finds out he is sharing his home with millions of bees

source: WFAA


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