Adventurous Date-Night Ideas


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It’s easy to get into a rut with date nights and end up doing the same old thing all the time. But it’s good for us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones by trying new things. These are some exciting date night ideas that will satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie and create special memories.

  • A trampoline hall - Reconnect with your inner child and bounce your way around the room on trampolines of all different sizes and try not to end up in the foam pit together.
  • A climbing gym - You really have to trust each other to do this one because you’re in control of the ropes attached to each other’s harnesses, but there are people in charge supervising, so they won’t let you fall to your death.
  • A theme park - Screaming and squealing on a roller coaster together will make you feel like a teenager again.
  • A rollerskating rink - Take your date old school and hold hands at the roller skating rink. Nothing more romantic than a couples skate.
  • An outdoor dance class - Warmer weather means more classes happening outside in the parks, try some swing dancing or salsa lessons with your sweetie if a little public humiliation doesn’t bother you.
  • A music festival camping trip - Don’t miss a beat of the DJs and bands you want to hear this spring and summer by pitching a tent at your favorite fests.
  • A ghost tour - Even if you’re not a believer, you can learn some cool history.
  • Trapeze lessons - You might not become an acrobat the circus would hire, but it could be thrilling for you and your love to learn to flip and swing through the air.

Source: Glamour

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