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You Choose The News 4-4-17


Food Odors Are Irresistible When You’re Sleep-Deprived

We’ve heard before that not getting enough sleep could lead to weight gain and new research helps us understand why. It turns out being sleep deprived can make us more sensitive to food smells. According to researchers, that could make snacks more enticing and explain why overtired people eat more and gain weight.

For their study, adults who’d only had four hours of sleep inhaled food aromas from potato chips, and cinnamon rolls, as well as non-food smells, like fir trees, while getting functional MRIs. And a few weeks later they did the experiments again after participants had a full eight hours of sleep.

And they found that when the participants were tired, their brains had more activity in two areas involved with smelling – but only when they smelled food smells. The non-food scents didn’t cause the same spike in activity. So the nose knows when you’re tired and could be leading us to snack when we’re sleep deprived.

Source: Science News


School Refuses To Let Teen Bring Grandma To Prom

There’s always a ton of drama surrounding prom, whether it’s what to where or who to go with, but one high schooler had a sweet idea for the latter, until his school put the kibosh on the whole idea.

An Alabama teenager named Bryce wanted to bring his grandmother as his date because she never had the opportunity to go to prom herself. He even planned an elaborate promposal, and she went shopping and purchased a new dress. But then the principal at Eufaula High School principal got involved and decided not to let granny go to the big dance.

Bryce’s cousin took to Facebook to explain what happened, and noted that after the principal nixed grandma’s big day, the school board agreed, explaining that older dates have always been denied, and added that they worried “future students will do it as a joke and make the school a mockery.”

Students, of course, are up in arms over the tryly unfair decision, with many using the hashtag #letnannygotoprom, in the hopes the school will change their decision. Bryce’s cousin also says the school is trying to pressure him into getting the Facebook post taken down but his cousin shares, “It ain’t happening.” 

Source: Fox News

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