Producer Freckles

Producer Freckles

Fun Facts:- I LOVE sports!!!!- Fav Teams: Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Georgia Tech, Ohio State- Fav Artists: Brett Eldredge, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Kip...Full Bio


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Flying Mattress Hits Biker

Aaron Wood was driving his motorcycle around 50 MPH when the mattress flew off the car in front of him. Amazingly enough Aaron walked away without a scratch. (kron4)


Netflix Officially Nixes Star Ratings

You can officially say goodbye to five star ratings on Netflix. It was rumored, but now it's official: the company has ditched its star rating system in favor of a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. According to the streaming company, this will give users a more accurate list of recommendations.

Based on a user's thumbs up and downs, each show will come with a "match score" thanks to Netflix's behind the scenes algorithms.

As Netflix bigwig Cameron Johnson explains, "The more you teach us about your unique tastes, the better job we can do suggesting your next great binge-worthy show or that perfect title for movie night."

Source: Netflix


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